South Center for Variety Evaluation and Seed Certification (SCVESC) was established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). The decision on establishment issued 1990, with the name "Southern office for variety evaluation and seed certification", and was revised in 2000, 2007, and 2018.

SCVESC is a public organization, to provide an effective system of the plant variety evaluation, seed testing,
and crop product assessments with the aim of supporting for Department of Crop Production in the Plant variety area  in accordance with the Law


1- DUS test (Distinctness, Uniformity, and Stability) and VCU test (Value of Cultivation and Use) for new plant varieties, and assessment of the genetically modified plant varieties on biosafety (designated by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, No. 252 / QD-BNN-KHCN dated January 20, 2010).
2- Seed testing and seed certification.
3- Organizing the training course on seed testing, sampling, and field inspection.
4- Being a member of the committee on assessing, and accrediting the seed testing lab and supervising the organizations and individuals on those.
5- Participating in the development of national standards and regulations on plant variety evaluation and seed testing.

6- Joining the committee to approve the science and technology projects in the plant variety area and international cooperation projects as well as.

1- Administrative office
2- Finance
3- Plant variety evaluation division
4- Field inspection division
5- Seed Testing Laboratory
6- Southeast Station for new plant varieties and post-control



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